Y6 Visit to The Warning Zone - Tuesday 15th October 2019

The Year 6 children travelled to Leicester on Tuesday to visit the Warning Zone. This educational visit is to make the children aware of the ongoing risks of online safety and staying safe in normal day-to-day life situations.

Whilst the children are continually monitored and educated about the risks and staying safe online at Copthill, it becomes even more paramount as they bring an end to their primary school education and enter into a bigger world of online activities which they need to be made aware of.

The day began with the children being put into small groups and the morning consisted of a series of activities and dramatised scenarios that were all linked to, and based around staying safe online. The children rotated around 6 different activities before they stopped for lunch.

The afternoon activities were based on ‘real life’ scenarios such as:

  • Fire risk in the home
  • Safety on building sites & electricity
  • Alcohol & Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Personal Safety
  • Risk around water
  • Road safety
  • Arson & Criminal Damage
  • Risk around Railways

The children really enjoyed the afternoon sessions and engaged very well with their group guide and getting involved with any kind of role play and discussions was evident to see as we walked around each of the 8 zones.

The children will no doubt discuss the day with you and it will have a profound effect on many of them as they embark on their secondary school education where they must take the knowledge & understanding with them in staying safe online and their general knowledge and common sense in real life, everyday risks that we all have to conquer at some point in our lives.

The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day, which is an excellent day out and is very informative, whilst being fun and enjoyable throughout the day. They were impeccably well behaved and a credit to Copthill School.

Please browse through the photos below.

Mr Smith, Mr Willson & Mrs Hesford


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